Hello World!

I am a humble game developer known as Joshua Stephens. I am a budding young programmer trying to collect EXP points in the game industry. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and am just about to finish my sidequest to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Software and Game Development at Neumont College of Computer Science. After graduating, I will hopefully be able to start my next adventure as a professional video game developer.

My main weapons of choice for game development are Unity and C#. I have been working with these tools for several years, and have gotten to know them very well. I also have experience working in C++, and Java, as well as several additional tools and frameworks. While these are the main things that I am experienced with, I also enjoy working with new tools and learning new technologies.

Overcoming complex coding challenges and solving problems one of my biggest passions. I enjoy experimenting with code, and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. I love game development because it allows me to make software that can speak directly to players, and give them powerful, compelling experiences to enjoy. I have been had many emotional experiences from that I have played, and I hope to provide the same kind of experiences to future gamers.

If you, or someone you know is looking for a game programmer, or if you just want to chat, please send me a message at contact@josh.games, or check out my contact page, here.

string yourname;
cin >> yourname;
std::cout << “Have a nice day, ” << yourname << “!” <<std::endl;