Holo Defender

  • Name: Holo Defender
  • Platform: Microsoft Hololens
  • Roles: Lead Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, UI Programmer
  • Tools: Unity3D, C#, Windows SDK
  • Team Size: 4 People
  • Time Frame: 4 weeks

Holo Defender is an arcade tower defense game for the Microsoft Hololens. The goal of this project was to create a simple grid-based tower defense that can be projected into the physical world. It plays as a standard tower defense, with robot foes moving through a predetermined path while trying to reach an end goal, and damage the player’s home base. Players must use their wits to strategically place a variety of towers onto the map to stop waves of enemies from progressing. However, once the player’s base has taken too much damage, it’s all be over.

Team Summary:

This game was developed a team of four students at Neumont University. This project was made for a class called Software Products in Emerging Platforms. We were allowed to work on pretty much whatever project we wanted, so long as we made it for a new, emerging platform, and so we decided to make a game for the Microsoft Hololens.