Rogue Bot


  • Name: Rogue Bot
  • Platform: Windows
  • Roles: Gameplay Designer, Gameplay Programmer, AI Programmer
  • Tools: Unity Game Engine, C#
  • Team Size: 3 people
  • Time Frame: 10 weeks
  • Download Page

Rogue Bot is a Rougelike dungeon crawler shoot-em-up about a small robot who goes rogue and betrays all of the other robots. He must explore vast randomly generated dungeons across several unique planets to bring their evil plans to an end. Throughout the game, Rogue Bot will find several materials, which he can use to craft into new weapons and items.

This game was made as the main project for my Game Programming and Production class. It was made by a team including my self, and two other students. It was made in Unity over a period of about 10 weeks. The project went pretty smoothly overall, although we did have to rush a bit at the end to include everything that we wanted.