Lich’s Heir


  • Name: Lich’s Heir
  • Platform: PC
  • Roles: Gameplay Programmer, Level Designer
  • Tools: Unity Game Engine, C#
  • Team Size: 4 people
  • Time Frame: 48 hours
  • Download Page

Lich’s Heir is a 3D action-based dungeon crawler about a young squire trying to solve the mystery of his Missing Master. Throughout his quest, he must defeat dozens of enemies, and search for several for several hidden letters scattered through the dungeon to discover the secrets of the Lich. Eventually, he must redeem his master, and overcome the wicked skeleton lord.

This game was made during a 48 hour game jam with a team including myself and three other students. The theme of the game jam was “Short Complete Story,” which we tried to incorporate with the story found in Dungeon’s hidden letters.