Dungeon Diver


  • Name: Dungeon Diver
  • Platform: Android
  • Roles: Solo Developer and Designer
  • Tools: Unity Game Engine, C#
  • Team Size: 1 person
  • Time Frame:  2 weeks

Dungeon crawler is a 3D rougelike dungeon crawler for the android platform. It features randomly generated dungeons, real time touch controlled combat, and pizza. The goal of the game is to explore through each level, and pick up as much gold as possible, while also trying to find the staircase to the next floor.

It has a unique combat system where the players sword is mapped to where they touch on the screen, so a swipe on the screen will equate to a slash of the sword. The player must also read their enemies’ movements to determine when it is best to attack, and when it is best to defend.

This was this made as the final project of my Mobile Game Development class, and is probably more ambitious than any other game I had made up to this point. It was made using C# and Unity, and taught me a lot about the limitations of the Android platform.