Cake Walk


  • Name: Cake Walk
  • Platform: Windows
  • Role: Gameplay Programmer
  • Tools: Unity Engine 5, C#, Tiled2D
  • Team Size: 3 people
  • Time Frame: 72 hours
  • Download Page

Cake Walk is a 2D action platformer starring Vanilla the Time Witch. Vanilla’s magic cake has been stolen by the evil Demon King, and you must help her use her magical time powers to get it back. Being a time witch, Vanilla has the power to speed up, slow down and rewind time to help her solve puzzles and complete challenges.

This game was made by myself and some friends of mine during a 72 hour game jam. It was made using the Unity game engine. I ended up being in charge of implementing most of the main gameplay mechanics including the main time control mechanics.