Space Fighter


  • Name: Space Fighter
  • Platform: Windows
  • Roles: Gameplay Programmer, AI Programmer
  • Tools: C++, Custom Game Engine
  • Team Size: 1 person
  • Time Frame: 1 week

Space Fighter is a 3D shoot-em-up, that combines the gameplay of top down shooters like Galaga, and 3D shooters like Star Fox. At first the goal is to stay alive while you shoot all of the enemy spawners, and destroy all the enemy ships in a 2.5D style arcade shoot-em-up. Then, when all of the enemies are destroyed, you are sent to an on-rails style space shooter where you must destroy each of the individual parts of a giant boss monster.

This was a fairly simple project made over the course of about a weekend for an extra credit final project in my AI programming class. It’s not very complete, but I think it is an interesting prototype for an idea that I would like to work on again at some point in the future. This game was created using C++, and my own game engine.