Starship Express


  • Name: Starship Express
  • Platform: Windows
  • Roles: Solo Developer
  • Tools: Java, Swing
  • Team Size: 1 Person
  • Time Frame: 2 weeks

Starship Express is a 2D top down space exploration game with the main goal of exploring a large randomly generated map. This game uses a unique feature where it uses the bounds of the window to limit the players view. As the main ship moves around the map, the window follows it around the computer screen, so that each occurrence of the screen designates one sector of the map.

The player controls an interplanetary mailman with the goal of delivering packages to different planets throughout the galaxy to gain money. With enough money, the player will eventually unlock upgraded ships that are faster and more powerful.

This game was made using the Java programming language using the Eclipse IDE for my Intro to Object Oriented Programming class. I actually went above and beyond the requirements of this project, as the original assignment was to basically just make the random map functionality and it was supposed to be text based. I expanded this idea into the simple game that it eventually became.